The Old Barn, Hopperton


The high ceilings and relatively modest floor plan of this bathroom presented us with a challenge to add storage whilst accentuating available space in this beautiful barn conversion.


What made you decide to change your bathroom?

We bought our house in 2002 and the original bathroom was very dated. The functionality, installation, the plumbing – it was all terrible. I was paddling in the shower. It was such a poor use of space and the configuration meant there was zero room for storage.

When our children moved out we had to consider what most people do at that stage, do we downsize or stay? We decided to stay and gradually renovate our home in stages.


Where did you draw your inspiration from?

The Old Barn. We wanted to give a nod to the roots of the building and its agri-industrial past. In particular, we were drawn to the Victoria and Albert Amalfi bath which is a perfect combination of a sense of tradition but in a modern design. We wanted contemporary but without being too cutting edge.


What was the most challenging part of the process?

The unknown. Our installer, Richard had to strip everything out and it wasn’t until he showed me what changes needed to be made and how he would have to do them that I realised how much work was required.

Before using Morland Bathrooms I had a terrible experience with our previous bathroom installations and I really couldn’t face that again.

In order to have the bathroom floor flush to the bedroom, some thoughtful planning was required. Richard had to shave the joists under the floorboards and he also had to sink the plumbing.

I was so worried about another disaster installation but I needn’t have worried. Everything was handled perfectly by Richard – his expertise really stood out.


What is your favourite element of your bathroom?

A sense of balance. From the bath to the double vanity unit, the design element to achieve this balance was crucial and I think we have achieved that.The bathroom now feels double the size and we have the luxury of storage!

How does the end result make you feel?

I wanted our bathroom to be a calm space and we have achieved this.


How did you find the process from start to finish?

I could not have put this together without the help of Morland Bathrooms. Andrew helped us realise the full potential of our bathroom.

I had shopped around and done my research – Sheffield, Ripon. I knew Morland Bathrooms weren’t the cheapest but their service was impeccable.

Wherever a problem may have arisen, they were so accommodating to the point where the issue never had the chance of becoming a problem. Andrew was consistently helpful and always pleasant.

Andrew’s expertise, confidence and planning allowed me to achieve my dream bathroom. He listened and understood me. For example, I wanted a double vanity unit but the last bathroom was so poorly configured, I didn’t think this would be achievable. I suggested I could move the door and Andrew was able to work with me on this. His planning and drawings allowed me to visualise and achieve my dream bathroom.

I completely trusted him and never felt that he was trying to upsell products to me. In fact, I told him that I wanted compartments in the drawers to the vanity units. When I was considering a unit without them, he stopped me. He didn’t want me to spend money on an expensive product that he felt I would be disappointed in. He truly listened to what I wanted. He could anticipate my expectations as a client.

Andrew also suggested a Bisque radiator for the bathroom and it completely matched my brief in giving recognition to the Old Barn’s agri-industrial past. I was so delighted with it that I placed a subsequent order for radiators for the rest of the house allowing the consistency and continuity of the style throughout.

I am very pleased with my experience with Morland Bathrooms from the service, management of the process and end result. I would not hesitate in recommending them.


A word from our designer…

Projects in old buildings can often present us with problems. Having worked with Patricia before, I knew that we could not let her go ahead with an inexperienced installer. It would not have been fair on her. This to me, was not just about the design and supply – it was the whole package. From start to finish, I wanted this project to work seamlessly for Patricia from visualising her design to the very end result and I think we achieved this but it would not have been possible without our recommended installer, Richard.
Andrew Quayle

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